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Planter Packages

Planter Start Up Package:

  • Verify customer’s preference on marker sequencing – integrated or independent (this will affect how many tractor hydraulic outlets are required).
  • Verify that tractor has all required electrical connections, hydraulic connections, case drains and etc. Required to operate the planter.
  • Mate planter to tractor. Install monitor/s and harnessing. Test operation of fold, lift, markers and etc.
  • Level planter
  • Run all hydraulics vacuum to cross augers
  • Check for latest software versions if applicable and check all monitor settings.
  • Calibrate speed sensor if applicable.
  • Adjust fertilizer opener placement per customer specification if applicable.
  • Check closing wheel tracking.
  • Check and adjust tire pressures.
  • Verify proper seed disks in planter if applicable.
  • Set Planter seed depth
  • Verify that dry fertilizer hopper augers are installed correctly if applicable.
  • Walk around with Customer
    1. Explain all adjustments and review the monitor
    2. Review seed depths and fertilizer rates
    3. Review seed plates and vacuum pressure if applicable
    4. Review the use of Talc and graphite advantages

Total Price = $500.00

Planter and tractor must be mated at our shop. If not added charges will be quoted and added to this package. The mating of the equipment must be a standard hook up between planter and tractor with all drawbar/ 3 point Linkage, hydraulics, and wiring complete for standard connections or added charges will apply.