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Frontier Financial

Since 1993, Frontier Financial has been offering flexible financing solutions, designed to fit your cash flow needs. In many cases, we have been able to provide customers with the flexibility of different purchase options at the end of their lease.

Our sales professionals will work with you to determine what financing solution will work best for your situation.

Frontier Financial Advantages:

Flexible payment options - monthly, seasonal, quarterly, annual

One stop shop for equipment and financing

Credit approval is simple. Typically a one-page credit application is all we need

No pre-payment penalty should you decide to pay off early

Payment can be mailed in or dropped off at any of our locations

We are local, we know local conditions and are willing to work with customers under appropriate situations

Why lease?

Help cash flow - typically, less down payment is needed

Fixed costs - your payment is set along with your purchase option

Reduce downtime and overall costs - you can rotate equipment, and keep it under warranty

Potential tax - lease payments can be 100% tax deductible

Keep up with technology - leasing allows you to rotate into the latest technology every few years.

Do you really want to own? Or will you trade the equipment in 3 - 5 years?

Contact Frontier Financial

Email- tome@frontieragturf.com

Phone- 715-760-4079 (Direct Line)

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